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Brokers & intermediaries

Welcome to the page on our website which is specifically dedicated to supporting the work of church insurance intermediaries and brokers. We not only recognise the part that brokers play in our success but are also committed to strengthening our relationship to ensure the continued success for both parties.


Congregational brokers have access to our broker portal which provides more information and news as well as ordering and downloading Congregational Documents.



Congregational offer insurance products specifically designed for places of worship and associated properties.


Congregational policies are underwritten by International Insurance Company of Hannover SE UK Branch and administered by Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd.


Church Insurance

A church choice policy offers cover specifically designed for places of worship. It provides insurance for property and liabilities including a wide range of outreach activities.

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Manse Insurance

A manse policy provides insurance cover for church owned residential property. It provides cover for the buildings and any contents belonging to the church.

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Church choice insurance


  • Buildings and contents

    with option to include accidental cover

  • External metal theft

    up to £25,000 any one period of insurance

  • Optional extended cover for items away from church

    Optional cover is available to insure property on an “all risks” basis either within the church or anywhere in the world.

  • Loss of money

          Cover for loss of money whilst in the church with, or in the home of,
           •  a church official £3,500;
           •  in a locked safe in the church £3,500;
           •  whilst in transit; £3,500*
           •  Any other circumstance £500

  • Loss of incone

    up to £75,000 over 24 month indemnity period

  • Employers liability

    £10,000,000 any one event including legal costs & expenses

  • Public liability

    £5,000,000 any one event, option to increase to £10,000,000

  • Publishers indemnity

    £100,000 any one period of insurance

  • Trustees' and officers' indemnity

    £100,000 any one period of insurance

  • Personal accident cover

  • Legal protection cover

    £100,000 each claim for legal expense

    £1,000,000 any one period of insurance for compensation awards

  • No standard excess

*These limits are doubled during the period of a fête or fundraising event.

Manse insurance

Policy benefits:

  • Buildings cover

    Sum insured amount selected up to £300,000 

  • Contents cover

    Cover available for contents belonging to the church at an amount selected by you

  • Accidental cover

    Option to include accidental cover

  • Damage by emergency services

    up to £5,000 any one period of insurance

  • Trees, plants and shrubs

    up to £1,000 any one period of insurance

  • Loss of keys

    up to £1,000 each claim

  • Property owner's liability

    up to £2,000,000

  • No claims discounts available

  • Voluntary excesses available

We can also provide cover for church associated businesses please contact the church department on 01274 700 700 to arrange cover for your customers. 

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