Congregational’s church safety guide even better

08 October 2019

Safer places of worship website updated

National church insurer Congregational has updated its popular website ‘safer places of worship’; an online resource providing churches with instant access to health, safety and security information.

Safer places of worship was created to provide support and assistance to policyholders on day-to day church building management, including health and safety obligations, legal requirements, security and maintenance advice and best practise considerations for organised activities.

The new look, mobile friendly, site is available to view at and has been thoroughly reviewed alongside experts to ensure that it provides those responsible for the safety of their church, with the latest church building management information. The site also contains relevant links to other websites and documents to give more details on specific areas of interest for those responsible for the up keep and maintenance of church buildings.

Julia Shaw, Head of Church Underwriting said, "The information on our safer places of worship website is of importance to not only our policyholders, but the wider faith community as they look to protect and ensure a safer environment for their place of worship.

With our new, user friendly designed website, those responsible can gain comprehensive advice quickly and easily, allowing them to protect their premises and provide a safer environment for employees, volunteers, members and visitors."

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