Liability or personal injury claims

The liability section of your policy indemnifies you against sums which you become legally liable to pay as damages, costs and expenses.

What to do if a claim is made against the church

  • If a claim is made upon you by a third party, please contact your broker or our claims department as soon as possible.

  • Send any correspondence you have received from the third party or their representatives to us straight away, unanswered.

  • It is very important that you do not discuss or admit liability as we will take steps to determine whether we consider you will attract any legal liability.

  • We will ask you for full details of the incident and may appoint our legal representatives to investigate on our behalf.

  • It will be of assistance if you can attach a letter outlining your version of events.

Types of liability claim

Definitions of the types of liability cover included in church choice

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Employers' liability tracing

Make an enquiry regarding a potential employers’ liability claim with Congregational.

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Types of liability claim:

Employers liability

Compulsory insurance required by employers which insures against legal liability for injury or disease to employees arising out of their employment.

Public liability

Provides indemnity against damages, costs and expenses for which the church is legally liable. Legal actions could arise following injury to members of the public or damage to their property arising from the business and activities of the church.

Products liability

Provides indemnity if held responsible for injury, illness, loss or damage caused by defective goods that you have produced, repaired or sold.

Publishers' liability

Damages, costs and expenses for libel, slander, infringement of trademark etc. arising from contents in your church magazine or other official publications.

Trustees' and officers' indemnity

Damages, costs and expenses for trustees and officers of the church arising from ‘wrongful acts’ committed by them in their capacity as a trustee or officer of the church.

Employers' liability tracing

Employers' liability tracing allows those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace to identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.


If you have a Congregational policy, HDI Global Specialty SE UK Branch may have actual or potential liability for employers’ liability claims. The records can be found on the ELTO database.

Enquiries may be made by any employer, individual claimants, their authorised representatives, or insurers or their insurance intermediaries.