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Brokers or intermediaries offer independent advice based on a market assessment of your church needs. If you would like to arrange cover via a broker or intermediary please visit our find a broker page to locate a broker in your area able to offer Congregational products.


If you would like Congregational to provide your church with an indication of the cost of insuring with us directly, simply complete your details below. Please note we are only able to provide information on Congregational products. Once you’ve submitted the form, a member of our church department will contact you within two working days.



If you have any problems completing this form or would prefer to discuss your requirements, please call our church department on 01274 700 700 our offices are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday or request a call back.



For full details of cover please see church insurance documents.


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3. Claims and/or losses

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4. Physical security

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5. Additional information

Are the premises used solely for normal church activities and not for any business or commercial use or purpose?*
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Are the premises used for any form of community activity, outreach, shelter or accommodation – either solely by you, or in conjunction with other churches or other organisations?*
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For the purpose of providing a quotation, administering your insurance policy and any claims made against the policy, we will from time to time share your personal information with relevant third parties such as loss adjusters, lawyers, fraud prevention and credit reference agencies as well as organisations which have a specific role laid out in law where we are permitted to disclose your personal information to them. We will never share your personal information, unless required to do so by law, without the appropriate and necessary care and safeguards being in place.

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All quotations are subject to full completion of a church choice proposal form.

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If you provided an email address, confirmation of the information submitted will be sent to you. If you wish to discuss any aspect of your quote please contact the church department on 01274 700 700.


Church insurance documents
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